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Starting, Stopping, and Rebounding – why do we do it and how can we stop it?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

In my opinion, people don’t have trouble LOSING weight, the problem is in KEEPING it off. If you think about all the “get fit in 30 day” type programs – success rates are high, but then WHY do people keep coming back to square one, or worse, why do they achieve temporary change only to rebound and end up in the same place they started… or worse, find themselves in an even worse spot than when they started in the first place?

My thought is that, we need to start working on the LIFESTYLE changes and ditch the quick fixes… I also realize that the fitness business is BOOMING with the “Get fit quick” gimics and that has slowly become the norm… but I am not about falling into a category of the NORM, which is why I created Bod By Bree with a Tagline that reads “Making Health a Habit”… I believe that the true marker for success on your fitness journey is when you look at your life one day and realize “Hey, I am not ON a diet, I HAVE a diet..” and “Wow, I look forward to exercise and movement each day because it is part of my life now…” Not just a “I’m gonna follow this plan for 30 days, reach my goals, and then “Go back” to “normal”

Just like when the pandemic started and everyone kept talking about “The New Normal” – what if that is something that should have been a thing this whole time? What if “The New Normal” is the approach the fitness industry should have taken on at large in order to truly solve the issues that so many people face in their fitness journey.

One thing I can commit to, is that I am not trying to sell you on “quick fixes”… will you see quick, impressive results by following my workouts, taking nutrition and lifestyle advise, and implementing into yours… ABSOLUTELY! But my message is not “do this for XXX amount of days and reach your goals”… Mine is “Make these small, systematic changes to your existing routines, and make it a lifestyle change that you carry on with. I truly believe this is the “MAGIC PILL” that everyone is searching for… the downside is “it’s not gonna happen over night” – but the UP SIDE is “the results you achieve, you get to KEEP!” Who’s in?

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