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Join the Bod by Bree Community to not only achieve results, but ENJOY the process with like minded individuals that want to support you and celebrate your Success!

This just in!
In May of 2023, Bree launched a brand new app called Bod by Bree! You can access is via the App Store or Google Play! This custom app now houses the 500+ On Demand Library of your favorite workouts plus weekly lives & a growing library of new formats, programs, and SO much more! Bree is on a mission to provide the most unique app experience to help you reach your goals effectively, efficiently, and with a Community around you! Becoming a Member is easy! Simply select your Membership Level below and Download the App! You can also enjoy a Web Optimized version when you want to access content form your Laptop or Desktop! 

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Once purchased - Download the Bod by Bree App! You can also access the Web Optimized site if you prefer to view on your Laptop or Desktop!

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What the Bod by Bree Community is saying 



“I have been working out to your videos since July and I can honestly say I’ve never felt this strong in my life! I love all your interval mix workouts and your positive energy!"

Fit Woman


“Every time I think it’s my favorite round you do another one that I love even more! Great workout!"

Resting Between Workouts

Stephanie Cairney

“I love your HitBox and Tabata workouts for when you need something quick or have a little more to give after one of your longer workouts. I repeat them so often, they are the best!"

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