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Let me take a second to Introduce Myself...

Hi all! I have recently been asked in my DM’s to Introduce myself and give a little background & bio! So here it goes!

Welcome Welcome! My name is Bree and I have been a lifelong lover of athletics, movement, dance, and music since as far back as I can remember! Some of my earliest memories are recording myself dancing around my living room at the age of 5 (no joke - my parents have the VHS tapes to prove it 😆)! I loved all things Madonna & Michael Jackson... and I also LOVED choreographing dance routines to music!

In addition to being a part of various dance teams and playing the Piano, I started playing sports at the age of 6! That quickly grew into year round sports of Softball, Outdoor Soccer, and Indoor Soccer. I have always loved the feeling of being active & competitive. I also loved being a part of a team all working for a common goal!

Towards the end of High school, when I knew I was not going to play professional Soccer (ha!), I quickly started looking for new activities that would allow me to stay fit and healthy. I joined a gym at age 16 and bought 10 sessions with a personal trainer (yes with my own money!). I always valued learning and knew that fitness was no different - why not learn from a professional! After learning how to lift & dabbling in group exercise classes - I was hooked!

After graduating High School, I started college at San Diego State University and the FIRST thing I did was tour the Fitness Facility! I immediately began lifting and taking classes - often building my entire class schedule around my favorite instructors #priorities 😉.

Not long after, one of my FAVORITE Instructors, Tina, approached me and said "You know these moves better than me, why are you not teaching!". I realized at that point that, although I always wanted to teach, I thought I needed to wait until I was finished with my degree (I got my B.S. in Kinesiology - Emphasis Fitness, Nutrition, and Health). When I realized that I could get certified and start teaching in conjunction with my degree - I JUMPED at that opportunity!

I quickly got certified and began teaching! Since Tina was also the Group Exercise Director of both the SDSU Fitness Program AS WELL as 3 local 24-hour Fitness Facilities - I was fortunate enough to get my own classes immediately at all 4! I began teaching freestyle classes, which meant I created my own choreography, and I LOVED IT! While some 18 year olds were out enjoying "Sunday Funday", I was home choreographing my Monday morning STEP AEROBICS routine 😂... But I LOVED IT!

So at the tender age of 18, I was now teaching classes and LOVING every second of it! Shortly into teaching, I knew this was my calling. I recall having a very distinct moment while I was teaching the cool down a the end of a class. I had this overwhelming feeling of 1. How lucky I was to be doing what I love, and 2. That time STOPPED when I was teaching and I was the MOST present and authentic version of myself. I KNEW in this very moment that I would ALWAYS teach - this was what I was meant to do!

I also remember feeling so overcome with joy that not only was it fulfilling a part of me, but it was making a positive impact in other peoples lives - and that has always been a HUGE focus for me. I believe that we are all here on earth to share our gifts with the world and HELP each other! I was so fortunate to learn what that was for me at such a young age... and from there I have never looked back!

Over the last 2 decades (yes, do the math - I have been teaching for 20+ years!) I have been a full time fitness professional. I have held every single role you can think of in the Fitness space as a Personal Trainer, Manager, Program Director, Choreographer, and Creator. 10 years ago, I had the opportunity to get into the Virtual Fitness space as an On Camera Instructor and Master Trainer. I have had the incredible opportunity to travel the world as a Master Trainer, and work with large brands like Bowflex, Beachbody, Trigger Point Therapy, MAXPRO, and FitOn just to name a few! One of the main reasons that I love the Virtual Space is because it allows me to HELP MORE PEOPLE! Teaching virtually allows me to connect with others all around the world that otherwise I wouldn't get to see in person. I literally am getting chills as I write this. I have met some of the MOST AMAZING people virtually - and my heart is so full when I hear how my workouts have helped them.

In March of 2020, like most Fitness Creators, I took my on camera skills to social media and started teaching on my own social channels. I just dove in head first and like many times in my life - never looked back! In my little Marina del Rey apartment, and over the last 18 mos, I have taught EVERY single week while also continuing to push the envelope from a Programming, Sound Integration, Music, Lighting, and Set perspective to elevate the experience for my viewers. I love the innovation in this space and stay up on the latest and greatest. To me, it is my art, and the experience for the viewers is EVERYTHING!

As I write this today, the community that we have built is STRONG and continues to grow, and it is something that makes my heart SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY. I LOVE reading comments and getting messages about how the members of this community have made commitments to their health and LEVELED UP their lives! Often when I reply back to a DM, the person will say "Oh wow, thanks for writing me back!". My response to that is "No, thank YOU for taking the time to share your story!"

I read EVERY DM, I answer EVERY Comment, and I take an active interest in EVERY person that I am fortunate enough to interact with... and this is because it allows me to see the results, of what I consider my life's mission, at play.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you know how special you are to me, and this is JUST THE BEGINNING! We have SO much more to accomplish together!

See you in Class!



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