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Loving Yourself Unconditionally… Can it help get you results?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

We all know that the mind is powerful… and we know that visualizing something, or acting like you already have something you want can help attract it into your life… so WHAT IF your mindset is what is stopping you from achieving your physical fitness goals?

Here is the scenario:

Sarah has been trying to lose those last 10lbs…but no matter what she does, she can’t seem to make it happen! She goes down, then up, then down again, only to go up even more and end up more and more frustrated! Why?

If this sounds like you, have you ever wondered if there is something subconsciously blocking you from being successful? Does our subconscious rebel against us like a teenager rebelling against a parent. Logically, it doesn’t make any sense – but could this be a likely scenario? MAYBE!

I believe that the size of your clothes, the ratio of your hips, or the number on the scale has NO bearing on what we are on the inside – but I have a feeling that for many, not meeting the “ideal” number(s) can lead to unhappiness and overall dissatisfaction with oneself…so why is it so hard to make changes and have them stick?

It is so counter-intuitive, but I believe that when you focus on the lack of something it could actually limit you from achieving it…Here is what I mean:

Let’s say you would like to lose a little weight, but instead of making changes and loving yourself during the process, you are focusing on hating yourself where you’re at and in turn not making any progess. What if instead, you meet yourself where you are, show yourself love, and truly decide that no matter what, you LOVE WHO YOU ARE. I believe focusing on loving yourself will ultimately shift the mindset from “I wish I was a size X” to “I love myself so much, I am going to feed my body healthy, natural foods and make sure I include movement each day for my mental and physical well being”.

Call me crazy, but I believe that this simple mind-shift COULD in fact result in you not only losing those nagging 5lbs you “thought” you needed to lose and instead, you will create a healthier mind & body that has you *FEELING* fantastic, and losing any extra weight drops off effortlessly because you are focused on HEALTH, not a number on the scale. And you are coming from a place of LOVE vs. hate for your body. Our bodies are a gift and smarter than we think .

Your thoughts become reality, and your body is a reflection of how you are thinking and feeling about it. Fuel it with nutritious food, Move it for overall health, Strengthen it for better functionality and increased muscle, and LOVE it for everything it does for you each and every day that has nothing to do with a number on a scale!

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