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"Smart, Stackable, and Effective Fitness for any Schedule!"

STACKED PHASE I and PHASE II are both 4-Week, Highly Customizable Strength Training, HIIT Cardio, Mobility, Flexibility, and Habit Mastering Programs! With Stackable Sessions - you can design the schedule that works for you - allowing you to stay consistent and achieve real results that last! You don't have to do each phase in order - jump in and join our upcoming session!


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Next Session: PHASE II Starts Monday 10/2

*Members: Your VIP Registration Link is located in App!

The STACKED Content Portal is located in the Bod by Bree App  

You can also access a web optimized version after purchase by clicking below!

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*Members: Your VIP Registration Link is located in App!

What is STACKED (click to watch video)

STACKED: The Acronym

S = Strength Training

T = Time Management

A = Alignment & Form

C = Cardio HIIT

K = Kinesthetics (Mobility & Flexibility)

E = Energy & Endurance

D = Daily Habits

The STACKED Program Includes:

  • 4 Weekly Strength Training Workouts

  • Add-on Strength Stacks

  • HIIT Cardio Stacks

  • Mobility Stacks

  • Flexibility Stacks

  • Habit Stacking Foundations

  • 30-Day Complete Program Guide

  • Access to Bree & Community Support 


"Thank you for stopping by! As a give back - I'd like to share this 30-Minute Full Body Strength Workout!" -Bree 

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