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HIIT 22. is a 22-Minute Cardio HIIT & Tabata Workout that wastes no time! Utilizing a variety of work to rest period ratios - expect a next level sweat! Each workout ends with a FIRE round - ensuring max burn & overall results!


PUMP 22. is a 22-Minute Full Body Strength Workout designed to build and sculpt your entire body! Utilizing a wide range of protocols - each workout delivers a powerful pump in no time! Expect full body compound moves with quick transitions!

FOCUS 22. is a 22-Minute optional strength workout addition to the FITT 22. Calendar. Whether you want to add it in as a second workout, or swap out cardio all together - you can use these muscle group specific workouts to focus on specific areas of your body you want to strengthen & sculpt.

FLEX 22. is a 22-Minute Full Body Stretch designed to optimize your bodies form & function. It's no secret stretching is important - and with this focused dynamic & static flow - you will be giving your body exactly what it needs to safely push hard in every other workout!

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